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How do I Join The League?

Visit our Tournament Page to Sign Up to upcoming events. You can also subscribe to be the first to know when our next gaming Tournament is.

Are there Prizes For Winning the Tournament?

Yes, Every Prize is different for every Tournament.

Is It Free To Compete?

Yes, this organization operates & is supported under donations.

Does every player need to sign up?

If it is Solo matches, yes. If it is Duos, or Squad, 1 person should sign their team up.

What if i am dropped from the game due to my internet?

Please make sure your connection is strong and stable. If someone drops out of the match due to connectivity issues, the game will continue. If it a game server issue where more than 10% are dropped from the game, the match will be restarted.

where can i buy Premarin no prescription How would i receive my reward for winning?

After the games, we will contact you for your address to send your prize.

How do I sign up?

The landing page has a sign up for the tournaments.

Where can i find the placements from a previous match?

After each match we will post the results on the Facebook Page “Victory’s League”

How does the point system work?

The winners are determined from a 3 game series. points are rewarded to the top 3 positions for each match, and 2 points per kill for player/ teams.

1st Place = 50 Points

2nd Place = 40 Points

3rd Place = 25 Points

What if someone is Hacking or Cheating?

If someone claims someone is Hacking or Cheating, report them, and let us know so we can review. We will ban anyone we can find that is hacking or cheating.

What is Streamer of the Week?

Streamer of the Week is awarded to the Team/ Player who wins the Tournament for that week, they will be promoted exclusively on the Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and Website. If they are not a Streamer, they can select a Streamer.

What is Play(er) of the Week?

Play(er) of the Week is determined by submittals from players with a remarkable clip they have in game. The best clip for the week will determine the Play(er) of the week. They will be promoted on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and the Website.

What if someone is interested in working with Victory’s League?

We will need Admins at times, you can Email us at to see if there is an opening.